Saturday, 31 March 2012

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Topshop 20% off for students!!

For all you lucky students out there, why not treat yourself and buy a few things in topshop and receive 20% when you shop instore or online. Instore promotion finishes Sunday. And online offer stands til Monday but only for NUS card holders.

In topshop now the 90's grunge trend has hit stores and online so why not keep up with the trend and buy your self some 90's inspired clothes and get 20% off :)

Check out the trend online now.

Happy shopping :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SS12 90's Grunge

Being a 90's I absolutely love that a part of the 90's are coming back into fashion. This 90's grunge trend is a fab look for spring summer, it's very chilled a laid back. Looking effortless is in fashion. But we all know we will spend hours perfecting this trend.

Inspirational images of this trend

(google images)

(google images)

(google images)

(google images)

Elle editorial April 2011 which was inspired by the 90's film empire records, which is a great film to be inspire by for this trend. It has that grungy 90's trend to a key. For all you film lovers out their, it's a great film to watch. Stars include a young liv Tyler and renee zelwegger. Here is the photoshoot from Elle which has an up to date 90's trend.

film image sources

Elle editorial 2011
Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Elle imagery

Key garments for this trend
- acid wash denim
- distressed check
- neon colours
- chunky knits
- flower pattern
- beudau tops
- acid wash colours
- leather
- parka jackets
- destressed denim shorts/trousers

Key accessories
- chunky boots
- acid wash back packs
- bowler hats
- feathers
- red Indian inspired jewellery
- crucifix jewellery
- socks
- mix match jewellery

Topshop have a great cover of this trend, you can grab some great pieces. It might be a bit early to wear those spring summer trends, but this is still a great look for now. Layer up to keep warm and very grungy :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

For all you MODELS OWN fans

I absolutely love "Models own" nail polishes, and at the moment just in time for christmas they are offering an amazing deal, why not treat yourself to some pressies or treat your friends this Christmas. Models own nail polishes are quite pricey but not too much. Each nail varnish costs around £5.00 which isn't too bad. Also You don't mind paying out a little more if you know the products are good. They last for ages and you only need one coat. Amazing products and fabulous colours so hard to choose a few. They even have a new shattered nail polish range.


Buy 3 models own nail polish and receive £3.00 off costing you £12.00 for 3 (£4.00 each)
Buy 5 models own nail polish and receive £7.00 off costing you £18.00 for 5 (£3.60 each)

Also if you are a first time buyer on the models own website You receive a free black khol eyeliner worth £5.00 to do it this add the eyeliner to the basket and in the check out area write "kohlblackfree" in the voucher code box.

Everything is free post and packaging so it really is an amazing deal. No other website are offering this deal and I have searched website for cheap deals and no other sites are offering the nail polishes any cheaper.

To get this amazing deal go to

Here are the many colours you can choose from :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Autumn winter trend : Feather hair extensions

I love, love this autumn trend. It was also quite popular last summer. The trend seemed to be a lot more popular in the USA. This feather extension trend would have been a great thing for summer festivals. Using autumn colours I think this trend will really be big this winter.

Imagery from google images

I love the way the feathers blend so well with the hair. This is a great hair accessory for this autumn winter. This trend will look fab with those faux fur winter coats.

Imagery from featherslicous

They come in all sorts of different colours to match your hair. You can go for a natural look or if you want to be s little wild why not try the more vibrant colours.

Imagery from photo bucket

imagery from Hilary duff archives
Celebs are catching onto the trend too.

The feathers used for extensions are completely natural and can be washed, blow dried, curled and straightened. So they are completely effortless.
They are very easy to apply with micro beads. The bead and feather is applied to the hair by clamping the bead a feather to your hair. The feather extension will not ruin your hair and can be easily removed if you don't fancy wearing them.

I would love to hear your comments about this trend :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

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Floral Polkadot is a vintage inspired women’s jewellery brand, everything is handmade and inspired by retro products and up to date fashion. These handmade jewellery items are a little treat for someone so sweet.

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Painting with light

I love always loved how camera catch the speed of light, and now I have a professional camera that can capture this. I though I would test it out. Enjoy :)

Imagery by Floralpolkadot

Imagery by Floralpolkadot

Imagery by Floralpolkadot